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Students with Enthusiasm? Check

Parents with Knowledge? Check

Mentors with Commitment? Check

Teachers with Confidence? Check

PYPC with Curiosity? Check

RWA is officially starting the inquiry process for their Grade 5 Exhibition next week and we could not be more thrilled. The entire RWA community has been coming together over the last 6 weeks to ensure we are all on the same page and supporting one another.

A huge challenge that we are welcoming with passion and confidence.

– Nick Gastaldi



What is the Purpose of this Blog?

TeachUAE Cover

The Teach UAE Magazine Cover that features an article on this project. Plus some of our boys on the cover!

Grade 4A at Raffles World Academy – Dubai, wants to make a difference in their community.

After thinking of many ways we could make a contribution, the class thought seat belt safety was the most connected to us and our community.

The UAE, including Dubai, is known for having dangerous roads. Even worse, most people do not wear their seat belts when driving. This includes Dads, Moms and even kids. Everyone in our class have seen young kids standing in cars or riding without seat belts. We want to put an end to this.

This blog will give readers information, videos and more all related to seat belt safety in the UAE.

We also want you to take some time and watch our video and take our pledge.

We hope you enjoy our blog.


Grade 4A – RWA